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Professional Advice Session

MGGDProfessional Advice Session

2hr Site Visit: £125.00 


Not all clients require a fully comprehensive design package.  Often you are simply not sure where to start with your new garden, or have specific problems that you are unable to resolve such as shady areas, over-grown shrubs and trees, weeds, poor soil, bare patches in lawns and borders, hard landscaping and drainage problems.


  • In a single two hour session we can cover a lot of ground. After a detailed look around the garden whilst we  discuss existing issues, I will perform a comprehensive written questionnaire identifying areas in need of improvement or inspiration. I will suggest practical solutions to problems and make recommendations for plants that will thrive in the available conditions.

  • I will create a bespoke Pinterest board with ideas and how-to guides based upon our discussion.

  • I provide you with a digital copy of a clearly written fact sheet containing general information and gardening dos and don'ts.

  • Two follow-up questions by phone, text or email are included in the price, and you are free to record our discussion yourself through filming or note-taking.


A stand-alone consultation could be all that you need to put you on the right track.

If you have a good idea of what kind of garden you want and are keen to get the work done yourself, this is probably the service for you. The package consists of 3 site visits comprising two 2-hr sessions and a full day on site where I work alongside you to make your dream a reality.  


  • Prior to the first session I will email you a simple guide to measuring and planning your outdoor space, so that when we meet for the first time you have a plan in place ready for discussion. We will examine the best way to realise your ideas using the budget available, and I will suggest solutions to any problem areas. 

  • The two follow-up visits can be arranged at a time of your choosing, at whatever stage of the process you think would be most useful. 

  • I will provide you with a gardening basics factsheet and we will create a shared Pinterest board with how-to guides and inspirational ideas. 


This package represents a realistic way of improving your outdoor space on a small budget, and gives you the satisfaction of having created an garden into which you have invested personal time and commitment.

MGGDBig Dreams, Small Budget DIY Project Guidance Package

Three Site Visits: £395.00


MGGDFull Garden Design Service

Free initial site visit

Design and Consultation Fees £50 per hour


Some gardens need a partial or complete re-design to fully realise their potential. There may be elements that you wish to keep and others that do not work at all.  You may want to increase or change the use of your outdoor space.


  • On my initial visit we will discuss your requirements and I will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire detailing preferred tastes and expected uses. I will explain in detail the design process and pricing, and if you wish to go ahead I will write a formal brief based on our conversation.

  • On a second visit I will take a survey of the entire garden and make a full analysis of site conditions.

  • From this information I draw a scaled masterplan of the site and once this is approved we discuss the implementation of further phases in the work.


A garden designed with your specific needs and tastes in mind will give you years of pleasure and will allow you the opportunity to spend more time outdoors - thinking, working or relaxing.




Click on the link to find out more:

MGGDPlanting Design Service

Free initial site visit

Design and Consultation Fees £50 per hour


If your garden has newly constructed borders, existing ones in need of renovation, or if you have a patio or balcony that needs bringing to life, a detailed planting plan will make all the difference.  


  • On my initial visit we will discuss your requirements and if you wish to go ahead I will write a formal brief based on our conversation. At this stage I can provide you with a rough cost estimate to determine whether you wish to proceed to the design stage.

  • On a second visit I will take a survey of the planting area and may arrange for the digging of soil inspection pits to allow for a detailed soil analysis to take place. I will create a preparation schedule, draw a scaled planting plan with itemised plant list, and give a more detailed breakdown of expected costs.

  • Once preparation of the beds is complete and the planting plan has been approved I offer a sourcing and placing service to ensure that the garden is laid out in the correct manner.


A well-designed planting scheme means you can enjoy year-round visual interest in your outdoor space, from the height of the flowering season in May and June to depths of winter in January and February.

MGGDDesign Follow -Up and Monitoring Services

1hr Site Visit £50

Additional Hours £45


Each project is different, and it is important that you are able to access expert advice when needed.  


  • For clients employing my full design services, I offer a project monitoring service where I make site visits at your request to ensure that work done by contractors is being carried out to the specifications of the design.

  • After completion of the stand-alone packages there may be times throughout the year when new problems or questions arise, and an hourly call-back service is appropriate.

  • In addition, I can create a yearly maintenance plan for your garden which you can carry out yourself or use to instruct a maintenance gardener.


These services ensure that your garden remains in tip-top condition and allows for change and development as it matures.

MGGD Consultant Gardener Mentoring Service

Visits as Requested: £30 per hour (minimum 4 hours)


If you love gardening but wish you had a person to work alongside you to share questions with and to advise you, this is the service for you. Popular with new and existing clients who want to gain further knowledge through taking a hands-on approach.


  • I can help you to learn how to care for your own garden as we work together to refresh and renew planting, prune or renovate old shrubs and trees or identify pests and diseases.

  • I can suggest and source plants and bulbs that I know would work well for the site conditions and help guide you as to how to make similar choices in the future.

  • I will provide you with a gardening basics fact sheet to give you a better understanding of subjects such as soil types, light levels and plant characteristics.

A love of gardening is something to be nurtured in the same way as you would nurture a plant - and the more you learn, the more there is to enjoy!

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